We were frustrated!

Frustrated with the drawbacks of traditional Polyester performance apparel:

  • Shiny/Plastic Appearance
  • Harsh Feel against the Skin
  • Odor Retention (Stink!)
  • Performance features derived from Chemical Additives that wash out
  • The fact that Polyester comes from Petroleum


Don't you wish your performance Gear didn't leave you smelling and feeling gross?

There Is a Better Way and We Created It:

Bamboo Performance Technology ™ combines the best of Nature with a
patent-pending fabric finishing process
(BamCo®) to release the performance
characteristics that inherently exist in the fiber.


The results of Bamboo PERFORMANCE Technology TM


   Extreme Comfort You won't want to take it off

lette  Lightweight Feels like you are wearing nothing at all

ingen kemikaler  No Chemicals All attributes are inherent to the bamboo fibers

UPF beskyttelse  UPF 50+ Protects you from 99.9% of the sun's harmful rays

anti oder  Anti-Odor No more odors from sweaty clothing

breathable  Breathable Regulates your temperature

wicking  Moisture Wicking Pulls moisture away from your skin and keeps you dry

4-way  4-way Stretch Supports all forms of movement

We have created the best performance fabric of all time!

After 2 years of research and testing, Bamboo Performance TechnologyTM came to life:

Our bamboo is sourced from the Sichuan Province in China. The forest is certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and certified organic by OCIA (Organic Crop Improvement Association) and the USDA.



The soft inner pith is removed from the hard bamboo trunk. The resulting raw bamboo pulp is mixed with a caustic soda solution, which extracts cellulose from the pulp. The solution is regenerated into viscose from bamboo. The closed loop system used guarantees that 99% of the solution is recovered and reused. No chemical residue is left on our clothing and it's certified Oeko Tex 100.


We know making bamboo viscose is not considered the most eco-friendly process in the world. However, in comparison to traditional performance clothing (derived from petroleum) we have created a better alternative. To our knowledge, a bamboo forest has never polluted the Gulf of Mexico.

We mix our fibers by hand to ensure the proper blend.

Cellulose bamboo fibers and organic cotton or merino wool fibers are spun into yarn using our exact specifications.  
Our yarn is ring spun in order to produce a smooth, soft, fine and durable product.  


We use state of the art knitting machines with fine needles (more of them per square inch) to achieve the smoothest fabric possible.



 bamco® A unique fabric finishing method exclusive  to tasc Performance




Performance Jersey

The original. Our signature. The fabric that started the tasc Performance brand.

Amazingly soft next-to-skin feel
Temperature regulating
Moisture wicking
4-way Stretch
Easy care
UPF 50+ sun protection
All performance attributes are inherent to the fabric and do not wash out.
The most versatile fabric in our line. Perfect for any activity: from running wind sprints to sleeping.
Bamboo + Merino

The best of Technology and Nature united in 1 incredible fabric.
Feels better than 100% Wool and Performs better than 100% Polyester:

Exceptionally soft against the skin
Temperature regulating
High warmth-to-weight ratio
Moisture wicking
Quick dry
4-way Stretch
Easy care
UPF 50+ sun protection
All performance attributes are inherent to the fabric and do not wash out.
Engineered for performance and protection from the elements in all seasons (Level A = lightweight, Level B = midweight).
Perfect for all outdoor pursuits in varying conditions andlevels of activity.
Velu Performance Fleece ™

Unlike most brands, we created our own technical fleece.

Smooth outside for layering
 Brushed interior for luxurious feel
Lightweight insulation without the bulk
Regulates your core temperature
Highly breathable
Added stretch to enhance movement
Easy care
UPF 50+ sun protection
All performance attributes are inherent to the fabric and do not wash out.
A highly versatile fabric that is equally at home on the sideof a mountain or walking down 5th Ave.